A Wandering Bean

Well, here I am again. Another trip to Russia, another journal. It’s been five years since my last trip to Russia. A little wiser and a lot older. Being only a few mere days before I leave for Russia, I’m pondering the hard hitting questions- how many pairs of shoes is too many pairs of shoes? How will my mother react if I bring home a 55 year old Russian oligarch? Will said oligarch support my handbag obsession? And speaking of handbags, does U.S. customs really keep a list of people who may have not been entirely honest on their customs declaration forms, and had to spend the good part of one night in 2006 having their luggage searched?

I was terrified the last time I went to Russia. This time I’m excited. With a dash of terror thrown in (what? A little terror is healthy).

The last time I wrote, the journal was called Russian Holiday. This time it’s Wanderlust-a German word for the desire to explore the world (in case that wasn’t painfully obvious). Wanderlust is also the name of one of my favorite songs by Flogging Molly. And the name of a song by Bjork. And by Paul McCartney. And the name of an album by Gavin Rossdale…apparently, its’ a popular name, but I like to think that it’s the meaning that counts, not my complete lack of originality.

So off I go again.